Tellagami - Tellagami is a mobile app only for Android or iPad that allows students to create an avatar and record their own voice or type in words for the app to speak for them.  This is a great way for students with fear of public speaking to be able to give a presentation.  They are limited in length so multiple Gamis may be needed for a presentation.  This is also a great way for students to summarize topics.

Voki- Voki is similar to Tellagami.  However, it is a computer application only. You create an avatar and tell it what to say or record your own voice.  These are also limited in size.


WeVideo - WeVideo is an easy video editing tool that connects to your Google account.  No extra accounts to create!  There is a great WeVideo Academy that has tutorials created for everything you can do with this program.  There are even tutorials on how to use this tool for a lesson.  For example, creating a personal narrative or digital storytelling.

PowToon- PowToon is an easy way to create a slideshow or a video.  With the free version, you are limited.  Right now they have a deal for teachers.  You can get 1 year of the paid version for free.  You can add animated characters, images, video, text, sounds and more into your videos.  You can watch their how-to tutorials to help you figure things out.  

YouTube Editor - YouTube has its own editor built in that is pretty easy to use.  You can add your video clips and images.  You can put text in, music, Creative Commons video clips, transitions and more.  You can create a well polished video with this completely free tool.

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