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Why Use Review Games? We all remember what it is like to review for a test. It isn't much fun.  Review games make the task of reviewing more interactive and entertaining and your students will be more apt to want to study for your tests.

Kahoot - Kahoot is a great, fast paced review game.  Students look at the screen at the front of the room to see the question and the answer choices.  Then match the choice they choose with the color button on their device.  Students can create their own Kahoots or use your if you share it with them to study together outside of class as well.

Quizlet - Quizlet is a vocabulary review website.  You can create a set of cards and share it with your class.  Your students can create their own sets, as well.  You can add images to the vocabulary cards.  Students can review vocabulary cards as normal cards, take a test, or play different review activities.

Quizizz - Quizizz is similar to Kahoot.  Students try to answer questions correctly faster than their classmates.  Instead of the students looking up at the screen in the room for the question and answer choices, it all shows up on their devices.  Teachers can set up a review time for outside of school hours and email students the code.  They can start the game at home and students can review at home, but at the same time and compete against each other.  Teachers can then get the data for how the students do, and make sure students have the ability to be reviewing at home. - is a website with many different tools and activities for teachers and students to create cool things for class.  We will focus on the review games.  You can turn PacMan and other arcade style games into review games simply by inserting your review questions and answers.  Students have to answer review questions correctly in order to play the game.  The longer they play, the more questions they have to answer correctly to get more game time.  My students beg me to let them "play" these games.