Infopics are images with text on top. I learned about creating infopics from Tony Vincent.  He uses many different devices, apps, and programs to create infopics.  

While creating infopics, students need to focus on what is most important as you don't want too much text on the image.  I have my students create infopics for vocabulary.  It forces students to really understand what the vocabulary word really means.  Students also need to find an image to go with each vocabulary word.  

Summarizing a story, identifying the target for the day, and asking questions about a part of the lesson students don't understand are some other ideas for having students create infopics.

You need to make sure you go through the proper channels to get your images for your infopics.  You cannot just go to Google and download any image you search for or grab one from any website you visit without getting permission to use it.  

There are ways to search for Public Domain images and Creative Commons images.  Public Domain means that you can use the image without having to give credit or attribution to anyone.  Creative Commons means you need to give attribution to use the image.  

Pixabay is public domain - no attribution necessary
Photos for Class is creative commons - Attribution necessary
Google Images - Advanced search allows you to search for images that can be used or changed without giving attributions.  

Pixlr Express is an easy way to create infopics. You can add text to the image, add different effects to the images, and add border and stickers as well.  Another easy way to create cool infopics is by using Canva.   With Canva, you can use many free templates for different text styles to put on top of your own photos or use the backgrounds provided on the website.  

 iPad Tools for Infopics

Word Swag is a great app for creating infopics.  It is $3.99, but if you like to create infopics with style, this one is worth the money.  The app automatically adds detail and interest to your pics by changing up fonts and colors in a stylish way.  

Canva is very similar in its app as it is online.  Many of the same tools are available.  It is very easy to create different sized infopics to fit whatever you want them to.  

Word Dream is very similar to Word Swag.  It is Free in the App Store.  There are more features that you can purchase with this app, however, there are plenty of choices to choose from without paying for them.

Pixlr is almost exactly the same as the website.  You will need to go in and download the other fonts, but it is just a click and it stays in the app the whole time.  Simply add the text you want and the effects, borders, stickers, etc. to create the infopic.


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