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Google Sites for Students

There are many different ways students can use Google Sites. Below is a list of SOME different ways we have used

Google Sites at school.
Student Portfolio
Group Project
Individual Project
Organize Materials for Self-Paced Learning

6th Grade Example
Here is an example of how I am going to have students set up their pages at the beginning of the year. I created this as a template for students with disabilities that need extra support and may not be able to keep up with the rest of the class as we create the sites.

Be sure to check out my Basics and Advanced pages to get help on how to create and customize your site.

Student Website Example
Here is an example of a student website we started at the end of this school year. I had students create a website this last unit to see how well it would work. We housed notes, digital worksheets, and review sheets. Any digital media the students use for each class can be inserted into a Google Site.