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Getting Started

​Getting your Google Site started is a very simple process.  

  1. Go to
  2. ​Click the "Create" button.
  3. Name your site.
  4. Use blank template or choose a template.   
    I use the blank template so I don't have to delete everything from the template to put my own things in.
  5. Google puts your site name in as your address or you can create a custom end to the url.
  6. Click the "Create" button again and it takes you to your website.



​Editing Your Site

  1. To edit your site, click on the pencil icon.  This gives you access to all of your standard text editing software.  
  2. ​The INSERT menu allows you to add images, links, YouTube video, Google Drive documents, calendars, charts and more.
  3. ​The LAYOUT menu allows you to customize the look of your site.  You can change the number of columns, what side your sidebar is on, and headers and footers.
  4. Click the + button to add a new page.  
  5. You can decide if you want the page to be under the home page as a subpage or as a new main page of your website.
  6. You can decide which type of Page Template you want to use.
    1. ​Webpage - The normal type of page you started with.
    2. ​Announcements - Lets you make new posts on your page.  Great for a classroom website that students/parents will be accessing often.
    3. File Cabinet - Lets you store files from your computer to share with others.
    4. List - Lets you make and organize lists of information. You can subscribe to receive notifications when the lists are changed or updated.
    5. ​Start Page - Lets your viewers personalize the page with different gadgets.  You can add content that ALL viewers see, but the gadget section remains separate for each viewer.

If all you want is a basic website,

then you have everything

you need to know!


If you want ADVANCED features,

check out the tutorials on the

Google Sites - Advanced page!

Educational Tutorials

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