​Google Classroom is a great learning management system to use with your students.  You can easily share documents, links, videos, and more.  You can use a simple tools to help your classroom become more paperless.  

Notes - You can send your notes to students so they do not have to type them all out.  Or, you can send out a skeleton of notes or headings for students to fill in the information as you go through your content.  You can make one document and automatically make a copy of it for each student.

Presentations - Share your presentation with the class on Classroom instead of printing out slides for kids.  Whether you use Google Slides or another website slideshow creator, you can share the file or the link with your students. 

Links to Readings - If you are going to have students read an article or document you found on the website, DON'T print them out for your students.  Share them with your students.

Upload "other" types of files - You and your students can upload files that are not the standard .jpg, .pdf, Google documents, etc.  You can upload Microsoft files, Photoshop files, or files from any other program for your students to have access to.  

Worksheets - Instead of photocopying worksheets, you can scan the worksheet and convert it to a Google file so your students can complete the worksheet online instead of having printed paper.  This does not always work for every class.  Math, for instance, will still need to do paper-pencil assignments.  Many other worksheets can be converted free and easily using OCRs.  

​OCRs​ - What is an OCR?  OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.  The tool we will look at take a PDF file and analyze the characters on the page and converts those to a Microsoft Word file.  It is NOT perfect, you need to double check the page.  There maybe a couple of words that did not convert correctly.  Some formatting may not be the best either.  You may have to make a few changes before sharing it out.  

Online OCR - This website is free and easy to convert your files.  You upload your PDF and convert it to a Microsoft Word file.

Upload and Convert Microsoft File to Drive - When you have your file converted to a Microsoft file, you need to upload it to your drive and convert it to a Drive file.  

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