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What are Digital Creation Tools?

Digital Creation Tools are websites that allow students to create digital artwork.  This could be hand-drawn images, videos, or logos.  The benefits of using this digital form of artistic creation are being able to start over at any time, hit the "undo" button, and be able to insert this digital media into other digital projects and still have the original.

Drawing ToolsDrawing tools are websites that allow you to create hand-drawn images in a digital form.  These tools have many drawing and shading options and allow you to have a digital file to use in any other projects you would like.

Online Logo MakerOnline Logo Maker is a website that allows you to create your own logos.  Students can create logos to go along with the learning in your classroom.  This website allows you to completely customize every aspect of the logo and download a digital file to use anywhere you want. - is a website with free resources for teachers and students to utilize.  You can create online review games, fake Facebook and Twitter profiles, QR code scavenger hunts and more.  

Video Creation Video creation tools allow students to use images or video clips to create a video, voice over recording, captioning and more to show what they know.

Digital Creation Tools