Drawing Apps

All of the drawing apps below are free in the App Store.  They have similar tools, but each one is very easy to use. 

Video Creation Apps

  • Tellagami - Tellagami is a mobile app only for Android or iPad that allows students to create an avatar and record their own voice or type in words for the app to speak for them.  This is a great way for students with a fear of public speaking to be able to give a presentation.  They are limited in length so multiple Gamis may be needed for a presentation.  This is also a great way for students to summarize topics.
  • Animoto - Animoto is an app that allows you to transform images and video into an awesome video with music and transition effects.  
  • Magisto - Magisto is another app that allows you to transform images and video into an awesome video with music and transition effects.

Infopic Creation Apps

  • Word Swag is a great app for creating infopics.  It is $3.99, but if you like to create infopics with style, this one is worth the money.  The app automatically adds detail and interest to your pics by changing up fonts and colors in a stylish way.
  • Canva is very similar in its app as it is online.  Many of the same tools are available.  It is very easy to create different sized infopics to fit whatever you want them to.  
  • Word Dream is very similar to Word Swag.  It is Free in the App Store.  There are more features that you can purchase with this app, however, there are plenty of choices to choose from without paying for them.
  • Pixlr is almost exactly the same as the website.  You will need to go in and download the other fonts, but it is just a click and it stays in the app the whole time.  Simply add the text you want and the effects, borders, stickers, etc. to create the infopic.


Most screencasting apps for iPad will not allow you to record your movements around your iPad, only what is available in that app.  Below are some of the easiest for teachers and students to use.

  • ScreenChomp is very simple for students to use.  It is limited in features which makes it a good choice for younger students.  Screencasts can be shared and saved without an account.
  • EduCreation allows you to create multi-page screencasts with text, drawing, and photos.  
  • Teach by Knowmia lets you create slides that you can voice over to elaborate.  You can insert props to enhance your presentation.  You can turn on the front facing camera to record yourself as you create the screencast to personalize the presentation for your viewers. 
  • ShowMe is the most simple design for screencasting of the options here.  It is very simple with the a whiteboard.  This works well for talking your way through a math problem without students worrying about the frills that some other apps have.  

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