is a website filled with different tools that teachers or students can use to create different projects for class.  You can make fake Facebook or Twitter pages, create diagrams, and review games.

Student Creation Activities

ClassTools has a variety of tools that students can use to create content for your class.  You can have students create fake Facebook or Twitter posts from famous people, or people from a different time, etc.  Students can create a breaking news screen to have your content be breaking news in a broadcast. Students can also use digital PostIt notes to label an image.

Review Games

There are several different types of review games on this website.  Some are multiple choice question games that lead to playing arcade games and some are drag and drop games.

Arcade Games

For the arcade games, you will need to create a list of questions with answer choices.  It is easiest to do that in a spreadsheet and save it as a .csv file to upload.  You can enter them one at a time if you wish.  PacMan will allow you to enter the question and up to four choices, the first one MUST be the correct choice.  For the Arcade style games, you can only enter the correct choice.  It will automatically take other answer choices from your review to fill in the choices for each question.

PacMan - Kids love PacMan!  Why not let them play PacMan and review your content at the same time?  

​Other Arcade Style Games - By inserting your question and choices, this game generator automatically makes 5 arcade games your students can choose from.

Drag and Drop Games

Connect Fours - This isn't your typical Connect Four game.  Students need to click on the four items that go together in as quick a time as possible.

​Dustbin - Students need to drag the words into the correct bins.

Educational Tutorials

for Teachers and Students


Tech Nerd Training