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With Canva, you can use many free templates for different text styles to put on top of your own photos or use the backgrounds provided on the website.  You can create posters, infographics, flyers, business cards, and more.  Everything is totally customizable on Canva.  You make your canvas look the way you want it to.  iPad App


You choose the layout of the image you are trying to create.  Pick from square, poster, Facebook banners, Twitter headers, and many more.  


You can search for images, but most of their images cost money.  You can import your own images for free.  There are filters you can add to your images to change them up.  You can blur the image to make text pop a little more.


There are many text options.  You can choose from templates that you can customize the colors and fonts.  You can also create your own look by adding in different sizes and fonts of text on your own.  

Design School

Canva has a website for a Design School that has many different tutorials on how to make high quality images using Canva.  Learn how to use the right colors and fonts to wow your viewers.