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Meaningful Integration - ​Here is a list of many ways to integrate augmented reality into classrooms and staff meetings.

​How to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom - Another list of ideas of how to use augmented reality in the classroom.  There are some links to different apps as well.  

Translation Tool

Google Translate - ​You wouldn't normally think of Google Translate as an augmented reality tool.  You do NOT have to type in the words you want translated.  You can now use the camera on your device to scan a page and it will instantly translate the words into whatever language you need.  It works best with smaller amounts of text.  FREE

Interact with Models

Spacecraft 3D - ​This app allows you to see different spacecraft models that explore our solar system.  Your camera focuses over a printed target to have the different spacecrafts show up in 3D.  FREE

​Star Chart - ​This app gives you a virtual planetarium in your pocket.  Hold the device up and by using your location, the device tells you what stars are right above you.  It will also show the constellations and planets, as well.  FREE

Anatomy 4D - This app uses a printed image as a trigger to show different parts of the human anatomy.  You can look at these anatomy parts from all angles.  Great app for a Biology classroom.  FREE

Elements 4D - ​This app scans wooden or paper blocks with different elements on them.  It shows you what the element looks like and interesting information about each one.  If you combine certain elements together, you see how they interact and create a new compound and chemical equation. FREE

Homework Assistance

Aurasma - This is a great tool for creating multimedia worksheets, notes, and interactive bulletin boards and posters.  With this tool, you can create "Auras" on the web or on the app.  ​You can take a picture of your worksheet and add a video or website right on it.  The paper looks the same, but the student scans it with their device and the Aurasma app and immediately your content pops up to give assistance to your students at home.  FREE

​Blippar - This tool is similar to Aurasma.  With Blippar, you can turn any image into a blipp.  You can overlay video, websites, social media, etc. onto any image.  All you have to do is print of the "poster" or add it to a worksheet and your students can scan it and get the assistance they need at any time.​​  FREE

How can Augmented Reality be used in the classroom?
Depending on which app you use, AR can be used in any number of ways in the classroom.  Below is a list of some of the ways AR can be used.  As augmented reality becomes more popular, the uses in education will continue to grow.

What is Augmented Reality?

​Augmented Reality is "a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view." - Google Dictionary

Watch the video from IKEA that shows an example of what Augmented Reality is.​​​

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