Educational Tutorials

for Teachers and Students


Tech Nerd Training


Thursday, October 8

General Session

Get More from Your Flipping Meetings

Administrators - Come see how using the flipped classroom concept for your staff meetings can make better use of your meeting time and model the flipped concept for your teachers. You'll see just how easy it is to screencast your information for staff to watch ahead of time and really be able to get the discussion flowing during your meetings.

Wednesday, October 7

Pre-Conference Workshop

Get Your Students Creating, Not Consuming Content

Students learn so much more from creating their own content instead of consuming content from others. Yes, it is easier to find a website or YouTube video that shows your students how someone else summarized your unit. Just think about how powerful it would be for your students to create those projects to show you what they learned. This hands-on workshop will give you a variety of tools your students can use to create their own content.


2015 Fall EdTech Conference